Malaysia Import Permit / International Veterinary Health Certificates
Importing of Any Pets/ Live Animals into Malaysia without Import Permit will be charged as smuggling/ trafficking .

The Pets/ Live Animals who enter without any valid documents; 
1) Will be quarantined for a minimum of 30 days.
2) Will be charged for smuggling,trafficking, and entering without permission. A penalty will be imposed in Malaysia High Court.
3) Will be asked to send back to the origin country at Owner Costs or;
4) If there is any sign of contagious or infectious disease or any illness conditions occurs during the 30days quarantine period, the Pets / Live Animals will be put to sleep.

Any animal or pets inbound/export into Malaysia, the animals/ pets must obtained the valid Malaysia Import Permit and Veterinary Health Certificate endorsed by a Government Veterinarian or Ministry of Agriculture and Animal and Plants Quarantine of the origin (departures) country. Please be notified that Malaysia Animal Quarantine department do not accept PET Passport and EU PET Passport.

For further information on the quarantine requirements and procedures of Pets/ Live Animals as well as the affected countries, please check with us before making any decision on sending your pets over.


Is there a minimum age requirement for importation?
Dogs and cats shall be at least 3 months of age at the time of import.

How many pets can I import? 
There is no restriction on the number of pets that can be imported by a person. However the local authorities in Malaysia may have regulations pertaining to the number of dogs that can be kept within residential premises.

Do I need an Import Permit? 
You are required to obtain an import permit from this department to be able to import pets into Malaysia. Pets arriving without import permits may not be allowed entry by the animal quarantine officers at the point of entry. To import an exotic animal or a wildlife as pet you may also be required to obtain approval from the Department of Wildlife Conservation and National Parks prior to applying for the import permit from Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia.

Where do I obtain an Import Permit?
For importation into Peninsular Malaysia, import permits shall be obtained from the Directors of State Veterinary departments or the Director General, Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia. For importation into the States of Sabah and Sarawak, enquiries and application shall be made to those states concerned.

How do I obtain an Import Permit on my own?  
This is a service that our appointed agent can do on your behalf, however if you would like to obtain your own import permit:

You should submit the application together with a copy of current vaccination records and import permit fee of five Ringgit Malaysia (RM 5.00) per dog/cat. The fee can be paid in cash or by bank draft, money order or postal order, made payable to the Director General of Veterinary Services Malaysia or the Director of the State concerned. Applicants outside the country may submit applications by post or through a local representative (friend, relative or agent in Malaysia).

You may obtain the Application Form from the abovementioned offices OR download the Microsoft Word version OR print out the application.

What is the validity period of the import permit? 
The import permit is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Where is the Kuala Lumpur Animal Quarantine Station (KLAQS) located?
KLAQS is located at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang.
Operational hours: 8:00am to 17:00pm only

Animal Quarantine & Import Export Control Complex
KL International Airport (KLIA), Sepang
Jalan Pekeliling 4
64050 Sepang
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 603- 87872377 / 79
Fax:603- 878722378

*The Department of Veterinary Services, KLIA Animal Quarantine Stations request that clients book their animals on flights arriving in KLIA between the hours of 8:00am and 17:00pm. It is a very suitable time for the KLIA Animal Quarantine Station to facilitate the boarding and physical examination of the animals during day time. Please take note, due to recent mortality case of a dog that arrived after midnight, our Chief Senior Assistant Director, Biosecurity and SPS Management Division, Dr. Norlizan b. Md. Noor have granted the approval of KLIA Animal Quarantine operational hours, between 8:00am and 17:00pm only. This new rule and regulation takes effect starting on 1st July 2012. Therefore Malaysia Animal Quarantine Stations no longer operate 24 hours as before.

Our appointed agent is able to arrange for earlier quarantine booking and pet clearances from Cargo/ Terminal Area to KLIA Animal Quarantine Station after 17:00pm. Kindly contact us earlier for more details and Quarantine Space Booking.

Can I visit my pet(s) during their stay in quarantine? Who else is allowed to visit?
Owners and anyone authorized by the owners is allowed to visit the pets daily between  8:00am and 17:00pm. However, visitors are advised to strictly observe all rules and regulations of the quarantine station.  Each visit is preceded with signing in at the quarantine station office and picking up a visitor tag.

If you plan on having someone other than your family members visit your pet(s), please let us know in advance so we can inform KLAQS.

What are the accommodations like?
Dogs are rotated between two enclosures – each a 40m indoor area and a covered outdoor area of a similar size.  The indoor areas are climate controlled.  There is a strip of land around these enclosures where a quarantined dog can be let out to run around. There is also a very modern cattery where cats stay.

All enclosures are cleaned once a day.

Can my pet(s) be fed their own food?  Can I send along food?
You may send 2-4 meals’ worth of food along with your pet(s). This is for feeding at any connections they might have along the way.  The food must be dry food and placed in a zip lock bag and attached securely to the top or side of the crate with feeding instructions.

For their stay in quarantine, we can accommodate special food & medication requirements, as long as the food is available for purchase in Malaysia.  Please let us know what type of food they require and we will be able to look into having it purchased here. Please also let us know the exact feeding instructions for your pets so we can make arrangements with KLAQS. 

List of Banned Breed Dogs
Pit Bull aka Pit Bull Terrier Ame.Pit Bull, Ame.Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Ame. Bull Dog
Dogo Argentino
Fila Braziliero
Japanese Tosa

Restricted dogs (can be imported through terms and conditions)
Bull Mastiff
Bull Terrier
German Shepard/Alsation
Canary Dog









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