· All boarding pets must be fit and healthy, cleaned, fully vaccinated, dewormed, tick &flea free/ on any

 peroxide prevention or control method upon check in. Should evidence of tick/flea be present,  all

 treatment costs will be charged to the owner and the said pet will be transferred to a vet should the

 conditions is deemed necessary. Please bring along all vaccinations and deworming records for verification.

· Boarding of sick or elderly/underage pets may expose underlying health problems that we cannot be held

  liable for and is entirely at owners risk. We reserve the right to refuse any pets that presents a risk of injury

  to itself or our staff.

· All pets accepted at the owners risk. Whilst we pride ourselves on the standard of care and attention your

  pet will receive, we cannot accept the responsibility for the loss or damage arising through illness or any

  other cause. However, in the event of injury or illness a vet may be called at owners' expenditures and we

  cannot accept the responsibility for the loss or damage arising through such circumstances.

· A non-refundable deposit(at least 50% of total boarding fee) is required upon confirmation to secure a

  booking. Balance of payment must be made, in full, upon check-in. We prefer CASH and only accept cheque

  for boarding charges more than RM1000.00.

· Boarding rates are on a daily basis and are charged from first day of stay and include the day of collection.

  There is no charge for the final day if your pet is collected before 12pm.

· Booking must be done at least 3 days in advance, additional charges may impose for last minute boarding

  arrangement. No refunds/deductions on boarding charges should you decided to collect your pets before

  the confirmed check out date.

· Owners must collect pets at time agreed, otherwise, must be by prior arrangement. Pick up service is

  available, please enquire for more details.

· Should any pets remain uncollected 1 week after the agreed end date of its booking stay, we reserve the

  right to assume ownership, and take any action we consider reasonable to re-home the pet.

· All boarding prices including daily brushing, eyes wiping & dog walking service. Food provided by owner,

  pad trained dogs are required to bring your own wee wee pads and cat (including small animals) owners are

  to provide the bedding for litter. You are welcome to bring your pets toys, bedding (no bean bags!), special

  treats that may help him or her feel more at home during their stay.

· Compulsory charges apply to bath your dog for boarding more than 6 days or you could advise us to send

  your dog to a preferred groomer. For other animals, please advise your preference.

House Rules

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