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Pet Sitting







What do you have in plan for your furkids when you need to be away, going for vacation, special occasions like wedding or emergency events?

It is best if you have a trusted friend to help you but not all friends will have the relevant knowledge on dealing with animals. Or maybe you will ask a favor of your neighbour to drop by few times a day to feed and check on them, but how about the messy cleaning job?

This mean your furkids will enjoy in-home feeding and care with 100% NO CAGE! (except for small animals & exortics). Your furkids are free to roam in my house under supervision and will only be confined in a designated room at night. We offer a personalized haven for your furkids with peace of mind for you while you are away. Your furkids will be treated as part of my own family members and of cause with lots of LOVEss too. We believe your furkids deserve a great retreat while you're enjoying your worry-less holiday at the same time.

The best part is that your furkids can hang out in the living hall with me while I'm watching TV, stay underfoot when I'm working in front of the computer, be around with our small family(no human kids) and feels like home. We walk your dog minimum 2 times a day, and playtimes during the day to keep your furkids busy. We keep litter boxes and wee-wee pads clean with disinfectant.  And we feed according to any and all special dietary instructions (including raw diet).


Some owners prefer their furkids to stay in their own residence comfortably without the hassle of car-sick or anxiety. We can go to your house everyday to feed your furkids, clean up their feces, walk the dog and a short playtime to keep them attended. Plus, we can feed your fishes, water your plants and switch on the light for you. 


Dog walking constitutes part of the daily exercise regime needed to keep a dog healthy. While walking is a good exercise to maintain your furkids' well-being, we understand you do feel tired physically sometimes, especially after a rough working day. We can arrange a routine of dog walking at your neighbourhood up to 5 days a week. Some dog walkers will takes many dogs to walk at once, we usually take maximum 2 at a time. 


Puppies are fun to play with but it is in fact a challenging task when you have to deal with the feeding every few hours a day, pre-housebreaking messy job, unstoppable whining, unlimited needs of attention. Same goes to the elder furkids when they are generally weaker and tend to do mistakes more often, sometimes causing inconvenience to the family members. With our years of experiences handling pets, we can lighten your shoulder by taking over the chores from you. We can work out a package according to your needs.

***Prices vary according to different locations and type of works. Do contact us to arrange an appointment for us

      to visit your place to discuss about your desired arrangements, and as well as to say hi to your furkids.